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Beth Long

VP, Employee Benefits ; NFP [email protected]

Why Let Me Run?

I have been a strong believer of the LMR program for many years and have seen first hand the impact it has had on so many boys lives. I’ve watched boys develop a life long love of running while encouraging healthy relationships with others and improving their own self-awareness and wellness. The commitment of this organization, which includes participants, coaches, staff and volunteers, is amazing and I feel lucky to be a part of such a dynamic group of people!

What is your role in Let Me Run?

I am on the Board of Directors as well as on the Development Committee.

What do you hope for Let Me Run boys?

My hope is that LMR continues to grow throughout the country giving all boys the opportunity to participate in such an inspiring program. Every boy who participates will gain confidence and learn how to set and achieve positive goals and gain confidence and self satisfaction in achieving those goals. The skills they learn relating to expressing themselves and improving their overall wellness leads to happy and healthier boys who feel good about being themselves and being supportive to others!