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Give boys the opportunity to be themselves, and they will run with it.

Let Me Run is much more than a running program for boys.

Our trained coaches combine exercise with fun activities and lessons to help boys learn teamwork, build relationship skills, create friendships, grow emotionally, amplify their self-esteem, empower themselves and others, and live an active lifestyle. We nurture and celebrate every aspect of what it really means to be a boy, and we let them run.

After every season, family, friends, and teachers are astounded by the transformation each boy makes. Let Me Run boys leave the program with a sense of accomplishment, a deeper belief in self, and a greater appreciation for their peers.

Our Purpose

We hope to reduce the challenges associated with a lack of emotional expression in pre-teen and teenage boys, which can lead to stress, sickness, disease, addiction, and violence.

What’s unique about Let Me Run is that they have taken the aspect of health and the aspect of sport and united them with a positive, proactive message about the psychology of what it means to grow up a young male in our society.

Dr. William Pollack

Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Author of “Real Boys”

Our Goal

We aspire for each boy to:

  • discover a greater awareness

    of his gifts and the gifts of others.

  • develop a sense of pride,

    belonging, and purpose.

  • learn to be a better friend

    and identify true friends.

  • define success and competition

    in healthy ways.

  • experience a test of endurance

    and personal goal setting.

  • expand his knowledge, so he can make better

    physical, emotional, and mental health choices.

  • possess a larger understanding

    of various community

    and global needs.