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Start a Let Me Run team.

Thank you for your interest in starting a Let Me Run team! Please review our team requirements, then use the form to request more information about hosting our program. Our Director of Expansion continually reviews program inquiries and will reach out to you shortly with more details about whether or not we are able to accept and expand the program to your area.


Each team must have:

  • A site contact, a trained head coach, and an assistant coach
  • A minimum of 6 boys and a maximum of 14 boys
  • Separation between 3rd grade team(s), 4th-5th grade team(s), and 6th-8th grade team(s) because our curriculum is tailored to the needs of each age group
  • An hour and fifteen minute practice twice a week for 7 weeks, then an end-of-season 5K race
  • Access to a community 5K race
  • Private funding, or a $135 program fee per boy + 5K race fee (price varies by region)


Following an accepted program inquiry, we will send you information about how to:

  • Register for a coach training
  • Complete a site application
  • Complete a principal acknowledgement form
  • Register a head coach and an assistant coach
  • Promote the program at your site

Interested in Starting a Team?

After 5 seasons of coaching, I’m still amazed at the number of parents who tell me how much their boy looks forward to every practice, often more so than other sports they play. Read More

Adam Sellner

Coach at Cotswold Elementary

Let Me Run has limited funding.

If your school needs funding please read more on how to assist your site in finding funding.

Learn More

Seek funding from:

  • Your PTA
  • Your site's faith partner
  • Running clubs
  • Men's groups
  • Local grants
  • Women's groups
  • Community Use in Schools
  • Local corporate sponsors
  • Bake sales, car washes, etc.