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As a Let Me Run coach, you will teach boys, but they may teach you more.

Let Me Run coaches impact young boys’ lives by:

  • Providing the powerful gifts of undivided attention, care, and guidance.
  • Fostering growth in character, personal strength, endurance, and goal setting.
  • Running with them twice a week for seven weeks.
  • Teaching and training them about important concepts, including integrity, friendship, self-expression, doing their best, not quitting, teamwork, and helping others.
  • Helping them build self-esteem by completing a 5k at the end of the season.

When caring people come together with nothing but the purest of intentions to guide children to a place of safety, integrity, acceptance, and love the inevitable outcome will be a society with the same core beliefs.

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Why Let Me Run? The lessons in LMR help break through the tough skin, and it is an amazing thing to see a boy open up for the first time and talk about his fears, his weaknesses, and most of all his reality. Read More

Matt Doerre

Coach at Billingsville Elementary

Let Me Run Absolute Truths

If you disagree with any of our absolute truths, do not deliver the Let Me Run Program.