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Coach’s FAQs

How do coaches register?

Head and assistant coaches can register through the “Become a Coach” page. Follow the instructions within the “Become a Coach” page for a link to register as a coach and sign up for training sessions. One head and one assistant coach must register and submit site forms before participant registration is available for each particular site. Each team needs two coaches.

Become a Coach

Does a Let Me Run site have to be a school?

Most of our sites are schools, but they can also be other areas around your community, like park districts, Boys and Girls Clubs, or churches.

How many coaches does each team need?

Every fourteen Let Me Run boys need a minimum of two coaches.


Do the coaches have to be all male?

No, Let Me Run coaches can be male and female, all male, or all female.

As a coach, when should I open registration?

Open registration about a month before the program begins for two weeks.

Do all coaches have to attend training?

No, only one coach must attend once every two years, but we strongly encourage all coaches to attend.

Does my school need to have an outdoor track to host a Let Me Run program?

No. The running portion is adaptable to most any open space.

As a coach, do I need to be a runner?

We are grateful to coaches of all abilities and genders. 

Boy’s FAQs

Who can participate in Let Me Run?

Let Me Run has a standalone 3rd grade program, a 4th-5th grade elementary program, and a 6th-8th grade middle school program. (6th graders can be a flex grade that participate in either the elementary or middle school curricula.) Plus, two Let Me Run coaches, at least one of whom is trained, lead each team.

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How big are the teams?

Each team has six to fourteen boys with two trained coaches. We keep the teams small because with too many members, full participation in the curriculum may be difficult for each boy.

How long is practice?

Each Let Me Run team meets two nonconsecutive days a week for one hour and fifteen minutes. All practices start with a unity lap, followed by stretches, running, and activities. Then, each practice ends with the mantra — Let me be me. Let me reach out. Let me run.

What are the seasons?

We currently have two seasons of Let Me Run each year, in the Fall and Spring. Fall Season begins in September or October, runs twice a week for seven weeks, and ends in November or December with the 5k. Spring Season typically begins in March or April, runs twice a week for seven weeks, and ends in late May or early June with the 5k. (One week off for spring break is factored into this schedule.)

How do boys register?

Most schools require online registration, but scholarship applications can be online or on paper. As we have limited scholarship funding available, please reach out to your regional director for more details.

How much does the program cost?

5k race registration fees vary from region to region. The overall cost of the program may be slightly higher in your area, if a small additional race fee is added/incurred.

Let Me Run ranges $135-$185. Your registration fee includes trained coaches, fourteen Let Me Run curriculum lessons, a dri-fit program t-shirt, program supplies, and a race medal — as well as the invaluable program benefits of improved social, emotional and physical health, decreased screen time, 2.5 hours of physical activity per week, a safe, supportive environment, developed self-confidence and friendships, and so much more.


Do you provide scholarships?

Yes, we hope to never turn a boy away from experiencing the Let Me Run program. We're always working to secure more scholarship funding, and we award our available funds on a sliding scale, based on need. Individuals can apply for financial assistance during the registration process. We also encourage you to ask your PTA, local business or civic groups, or your faith community to help fund your team. 

Are boys of all running abilities welcome?

Absolutely! Let Me Run encourages all boys to join, regardless of skill level or previous running experience.