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Christine G.

Teacher / Educator Baton Rogue, LA

Let Me Run has meant a lot to the boys at my school and to me.  In the area where I teach, there aren't a lot of school-community based team activities. In fact, there aren't any in elementary school.  As a 28 year old, I know I remember activities I participated in outside of school so I know that LMR will have a lifetime impact on its participants. 

This team has allowed the boys to build peer and coach relationships that encourage and support one another through it's goal-setting structure, mental and physical health driven objective lessons. The boys have developed a love of running- well, if not a love of running, the camaraderie that running with others provides.  They aren't tackling each other or trying to beat the other or win against someone else, instead their only competition is themselves.  It's an incredible privilege to watch them as they discover what it's like running it alone and then realize the power encouragement has on their peers and themselves.  To watch them experience personal success and failure and perseverance with the guidance of coaches and teammates is always a lesson in itself.  The impact of LMR is wide and far reaching. As a teacher and coach, I see the boys carry LMR with them throughout the day reciting parts of the credo and wearing the LMR wristlet with pride.  They see it as something earned through their actions, not given. Each boy takes away It has transformed the boys, our coaches and myself.  

The coaches and I willingly volunteer our time and effort because it's one of those few things in life that you can see the positive impact almost immediately not just on the boys, but on their families and the communities surrounding them.