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Our Favorite Benefits of Running

March 22, 2016 by Spotlight

To celebrate reaching our 10,000th boy, we asked Let Me Run boys and coaches why they run, and their answers are as unique as they are.

“Running makes me feel like I can fly.” — Harry S., 4th Grade Let Me Run Boy, Clover, SC


"The benefit of running is you get energy and you get to do more things that you want to do. And when you run, you get muscles on your legs and you get exercise." — Alberto C., 5th Grade Let Me Run Boy, New Castle, DE


"I love running because it is FUN and it keeps me energized for all that life has to offer." — Don R., Let Me Run Coach, Fort Mill, SC


"Through running, the boys in Let Me Run really learn the value of setting goals and then devising an action plan and working hard to reach them. Running gives you a huge sense of accomplishment when you achieve what you set out to do. You can then draw on that confidence as you work in other areas of your life." — Lee D., Let Me Run Coach, Germantown, MD


"Running allows me to 'get away' mentally and enjoy my time outdoors. It also provides opportunities to connect with others when I meet my run group."  — Courtney J., Let Me Run Coach, Clover, SC


"I like running because it makes me feel calm when I am stressed out. It lets me get outside and see the world around me. Running makes me active and fit. It is a sport that you don't have to do at a certain time of the day. You can just run when you feel like it!" — Evan H., 4th Grade Let Me Run Boy, Dublin, OH


"Running is something I can do before my 'other obligations' (mom/teacher) begin! I can go out my front door and be home before the rest of my family even thinks about getting out of bed!" — Kathleen M., Let Me Run Coach, Tega Cay, SC


"My favorite benefit of running is it allows me to release the stress of the day. I have also found running helps me maintain my weight. I do not always make the healthiest choices in my diet, and running helps me balance that out." — Devri E-B., Let Me Run Coach, Charlotte, NC


"When I run I can just focus on what's ahead. Afterwards, I feel better and I like to hang out with the rest of the kids and play. Every time I run I feel like I achieved something even if I did not beat my time. I wish more kids would join in and see what it's like and how much fun it is." — Rowen U., 5th Grade Let Me Run Boy, Charlotte, NC


"After almost losing my life in the fall of 2010, doctors amputated my left leg below the knee to keep me alive. Since that injury five and a half years ago, I have made a full recovery and have a new outlook on life. I run several times a week along Charlotte's beautiful Myers Park streets with a high-performance, carbon fiber running leg. We all have choices to make in life. I believe that limb loss does not equal life loss. My life has been full of changes over the past few years, but I know God's plans for me are much, much greater than my own. And for that, I feel truly blessed." — Janelle L., Let Me Run Coach, Charlotte, NC


"Running improves your endurance. You challenge yourself to improve." — Strider J., 5th Grade Let Me Run Boy, Phoenix, AZ


"The best part of running is that it lets you clear your head and relieve stress after a long day. In addition to the great health benefits, running just helps improve your mood and energizes you." — John Y., Let Me Run Coach, Charlotte, NC


"I love running because it makes me feel happy and it puts me in a good mood! Also it keeps me active and healthy. It feels great to know that I have friends running by my side who will help and encourage me if I fall back! When I finished the race, I felt I have accomplished something important and that felt great." — Lythe A., 5th Grade Let Me Run Boy, Columbus, OH


"Let Me Run is a program that has allowed me to do the thing that has been a part of my life since a child and the opportunity to give back to the youth in the city where I've grown up." — Greg M., Let Me Run Coach, Charlotte, NC


"The benefits of running are too numerous to count, but for me it's my 'drug' of choice. A solid, morning run is better than coffee for giving me the energy for my day, and a leisurely, evening run is better than any antidepressant for letting me unwind and de-stress after a long day." — Gabriel S., Let Me Run Coach, St. Louis, MO


"Running gives you bonding time with your friends and family. It allows you to have fun." — Josh J., 5th Grade Let Me Run Boy, Phoenix, AZ


"Running changes my body chemistry. If I feel frazzled, it makes me feel peaceful. If I feel depressed, it makes me feel hopeful." — Ashley A., Let Me Run Founder & Coach, Charlotte, NC

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