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2016 Summer Share

July 11, 2016 by Spotlight

Celebrate the giving spirit in July.


We're partnering with Share Charlotte to launch a national initiative from July 11th – 22nd called Summer Share to raise scholarship funds and in-kind donations to support our curricula. Our goal is to raise 25 full scholarships and 25 in-kind donations. See how you can help us below.

Over the next two weeks, we also want to show you the real impact of a Let Me Run scholarship by sharing scholarship participants' stories in their own words. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see every story.


Ways to get involved in Summer Share


1. Make a scholarship donation.

25% of our LMR boys would not be able to participate in Let Me Run without a scholarship. Any amount, large or small, will make a lasting impact in their lives. If everyone reading this donated just $10, we'd reach our entire scholarship fund goal for 2016. You can provide a full scholarship for one Let Me Run boy for $100. Donate here.


2. Make a purchase from our wish list.

The Let Me Run curricula teaches boys life lessons about topics including gratitude, anger management, standing up against bullying, and being yourself. Each interactive lesson calls for various supplies. You can help provide supplies for Let Me Run teams by shopping our Wish List. (And if you'd like your donation to remain in your region, include your city and state in the gift message.)


3. Spread the word and volunteer.

Help us increase our reach. Send this blog post to your friends and family. And share an update about Let Me Run on social media with this donation link: Make sure to tag us in your posts and follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to see the impact of your donations through Let Me Run scholarship stories.

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